Natural Wall & Edging Stone

What better choice for a natural looking edge to your landscape than natural stone? Chopped limestone comes in natural or tumbled stackers, palletized for your convenience. They can be used for low walls, edging and planting beds. For smaller projects the size is much more manageable than the random limestone wall rock, which we stock in 5-6”, 8” and 10” thicknesses. Random limestone wall rock is not palletized, and is loaded and delivered in bulk.

Flagstone strip stone also is available in natural or tumbled form, with several choices of color selections and textures. Some come in a more uniform 4” x 4” strip of varying lengths, while others have more of a random cobblestone appearance. Strip stone chopped in a 6” or 8” depth is popular for low stacked walls and beds. Once again the look and effect you wish to achieve can be determined by the type of material you select.

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