Please browse the categories listed below, each category contains a range of possibilities. Our inventory is constantly changing, and we may not have every product represented here – If you do not see exactly what you want, please do not assume that we don’t have it! No matter what, you really need to visit our sales yard to appreciate the endless alternatives that are readily available for your project. Please remember that natural stone is a product of nature, just as two snowflakes are never the same, this also applies to our inventory. It will vary in size, color and texture. If you are looking to match material you currently have, please bring a sample with you to compare to our products. We can make no guarantees as to consistency of color or texture.


Clean LimestoneSand & Gravel >>
Our sand and gravel is used primarily for utility purposes, such as driveways, back fill, and base material.




Soil and Compost ProductsMulch, Soil & Compost >>
Our mulch is shredded hardwood mulch. It can be either dyed or natural in color. We also carry clay fill dirt, top soil, compost, and a compost soil blend.



Natural Sawn LimestoneNatural Wall & Edging Stone >>
These products have limitless possibilities. Planter boxes, low walls, and lawn edgings are just a few examples of how these products can be utilized.



Palletized FlatsCobbles, Pebbles, Steps & Specialty Items >>
We have many selections of specialty rock, which can be purchased in any quantity. They are perfect for streambeds, ponds and landscape accents. These stones come in several unique colors and sizes.. The Mexican Beach pebbles are available in 75-pound bags for your convenience. Come visit us and find the perfect stone for you.



BoulderMoonstruck Opal Boulders & Moss Boulders >>
You will be amazed at our vast selection of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures Boulder sizes range from 8” to 48” and larger. Boulders are used to accessorize ponds, and waterfalls, build walls, and as landscape accents.



River Rock 2" - 4"River Rocks & Ground Cover >>
We stock many sizes of ground cover rocks which are primarily used for pathways, planting beds, and other landscaping projects. These selections are all stocked and sold in bulk.



Silvermist FlagstoneFlagstone & Flagstone Products >>
Predominately flagstone is used for patios, walkways, garden steppers and water features. We also have natural flagstone steps, which will give your patio a finished look.


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